My happy list

With my last post, I’d like to just make a lost of topics I’m going to start posting about, or things that make me happy! 

Planning- I love pretty planners with different stickers and pens and highlighter. It makes the process of being organized so much easier and a lot more fun! 

Reading- I’ve always loved to read and used to look forward to silent reading time at school. My new goal is to read at least 20 minutes a day again 

Knitting- also an old favorite of mine, I started when I was ten and just bought myself this super pretty light blue fabric to try out

Health + Fitness- Nutrition has always been a key factor in my life. My brother and I were raised as basically vegetarian until we were 9. I’d love to explored more vegan aspects and try out new recipes! 

Beauty- I love both beauty and fashion and hope to continue these posts, updating new routines, and trying out different styles/products 


What I want to post about more

Everyone who reads my posts knows that I focus primarily on beauty, but I really want to incorporate more lifestyle and health posts as well! I love both cooking and studying nutrition so somes more of that will be thrown into the mix with hopefully some new life updates coming soon πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•

Product Review: Mask of Magnaminty

Mask of MagnamintyMask of Magnaminty

(Images found on the Lush website)

Lush is known for their bath bombs and various natural products. I have very acne prone skin, and so I was constantly recommended the Mask of Manaminty. With 4.5 star reviews on the Lush website, it is known for being able to help acne, some people even claiming it β€œcleared their skin in one night”. That was not the case for me. The mint green mask made my skin dry and while I figured that there could have been a bit more drying, in order to help with acne, this brought out the dryness side of my combination skin. I decided to give it the benefit of the doubt and try it a few times before judging it too harshly. However, after trying it out for a few weeks, I have come to realize that this just is not the mask for me and I would not recommend it to anyone whose skin gets dry. It did not do a very good job of helping my skin feel better or helping with my acne. I would like to say that lush has an amazing variety of other products, this one just did not work out for me. I could see it potentially working out for someone with maybe fully oily skin, just to try it, but not combination skin because it will dry you out. I personally use a few different masks which I would fully recommend and I will be doing another blog post about that soon! + updates

This will be a very short post, but definitely go check out! They have amazing clothes and all for great deals. I will try to post some pictures in a bit, and I also have a lot of great blog posts coming up soon including a review on the too Faced Peach Palette! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘


Recently I visited the PNW and came across this adorable cafe called Frost, aka Frostology. It is so pretty! Their classics include delicious and trendy baked goods like cupcakes, donuts, and macarons that taste oh-so-delicious and are totally Instagram worthy. My personal fave’s include their Fall Pumpkin Cupcakes, any of their Macaron flavors, and for donuts I love their light and fluffy French Cullers, chocolate or regular.  Frost also has delicious custom made sodas, such as White Pear Raspberry or Apricot Desert Pear. The lovely employees set out samples of White Pear Raspberry for all to taste today and it was refreshing and sweet! The cafe has other adult beverages and also a nice lunch menu of soup, sandwiches, and salads as well as breakfast sandwiches, so you can go in any time and try out whatever your heart desires. If you have the chance, I definitely recommend Frost as it is a sweet treat! 

Their Instagram is @frostdesserts  

StyleShorty’s Makeover!

Just wanted to to post a quick announcement that the blog StyleShorty will be getting a makeover! I have a wonderful theme all picked out, from EclairDesign on Etsy. The shop has lots of wonderful templates and designs featuring various colors and themes to choose from. I, as the creator of this blog have selected one that I personally love and think fits the look that StyleShorty is going for perfectly! The new theme should be up between the next two weeks. I hope everyone likes it! ❀



Always on The Hunt!

Hey there fashionistas! So, how many times has this happened to you, you’re scrolling through tumblr, weheartit, or any other site like that and you find the cutest, to die for outfit? The only problem is, there’s no link! No “buy here” button! It happens to me daily and it is a total pain. Now all I can do is dream about those killer studded shoes or that amazing lip color…or, so I thought. I recently came across a new app that came out last year called, The Hunt. All you do is post a picture of that clothing item or beauty essential that you need and the community members of the hunt work to find it for you! It’s fast, free, and user-friendly fabulous! 

The Hunt – Style & Shopping by ShopTAP Inc