A Healthy Breakfast! πŸ’•

I know that this blog is mainly about fashion, beauty, and style but I thought I would share this really yummy breakfast and how to make it with you guys! πŸ’• I’m really into health and finding yummy, healthy recipes so if I continue to post these a majority of them will be healthy 😊

This is what is looks like, I did whole wheat waffles with almond butter, a little bit of a raspberry sauce/smoothie that I had already made, and some coconut on top of one of them- just to try it out. It was so good! The coconut was really yummy. It all basically just tasted like a better version of PB&J on waffles. I also added bananas on the sides as you can see, and I even put some on the waffles which made everything even more delicious. 

I don’t have a photo of my smoothie, but all I did was blend together some raspberries (frozen) and coconut water. It’s so easy, and really yummy especially if you are a raspberry lover like meπŸ’•

What’s your favorite breakfast? Let me know in the comments below! πŸ’•β€


Room Tour

I just wanted to do a quick little room tour, showing some highlights and favorite points of my pink, girly room!


This is just my laptop, phone, and diary. I am always using one of these three with writing, texting, or just having fun and maybe shopping online! My bed is so fluffy and comfy, but my headboard is not completed yet (we are going to paint it using white paint to match everything else) so, I wanted to wait on showing all of the bed.


So, as you can tell already, my walls are a very light, soft pink. I absolutely adore this color and think it’s so pretty and feminine. These are my angel wings. They are right over my bed, and they were my first big art/decor purchase when I turned 16. I love angels, and I remember I fell in love with them from a little boutique downtown. They instantly reminded me of Baz Luhrmann’s 1996 version of Romeo+Juliet, because of her angel wings in the movie, as well as Juliet’s room.


This is my closet, the view from my bed and I have my favorite, dreamy tulle dress from Tobi hanging up and my corsages from my Senior Homecoming and Prom! I also have my little version of a dream board next to the door. There are pictures of my dream car (a baby blue, convertible VW) my dream purse (the new White LV Damier Azur Rose Ballerine Neverfull MM- with a cute pink pom pom on the side!) and finally, my dream vacation in the City of Love, Paris! I look at all of these daily to encourage and inspire myself with my dreams, and it gives me a little bit more inspiration to keep working hard towards them. Plus, the colors go great with my room!


The last stop along my room tour will be my romantic vanity, accompanied by my amazing Ghost chair, and my super sparkly pillow! All of these have been gifted to me, the chair and pillow my Mom found (she’s an interior designer and always finds incredible pieces) and the vanity from my Aunt and Uncle. I love sitting here in the mornings. A vanity is a great way to encourage yourself to get ready in the mornings, because it’s exciting to actually use it and sit at it with all of your makeup, and the pretty mirror and everything.

I hope everyone enjoyed my room points of view, does your room have a theme? Do you have special pieces, or are you looking for something in particular? Let me know in the comments below! ❀

Cleaning Brushes

It was cleaning day today! I cannot stress enough how important it is to clean. your. brushes!!! You must clean your makeup brushes, because they carry so much old makeup, dirt, and bacteria. That’s all horrible for both your application and skin.

The process is easy:

1. Heat up the water in your sink

2. Grab a brush and start scrubbing it clean with warm water and whatever shampoo you use

I use this kind:

It doesn’t matter what kind you use, and you don’t need a fancy cleaner that costs $40 to clean your makeup brushes. Just shampoo and scrub them by hand, and you’ll be all good! (I’ve also seen those brush cleaning machines, and not one review has recommended it). 

3. Lay each brush out to dry. This can take a few hours, up to a whole day, but it is completely worth it to have nice, soft, clean brushes 😁

My final result for the night posted above, and I also cleaned out the two containers I use to hold all of my brushes. I don’t want any of that dirt coming back too soon. (I love my adorable “C” mug!) You should also be doing this every two weeks. Just try your best! πŸ’• How often do you wash your brushes? Have you found any products you specifically like to use, or different techniques? Let me know in the comments below! πŸ’•

Product Review: Mask of Magnaminty

Mask of MagnamintyMask of Magnaminty

(Images found on the Lush website)

Lush is known for their bath bombs and various natural products. I have very acne prone skin, and so I was constantly recommended the Mask of Manaminty. With 4.5 star reviews on the Lush website, it is known for being able to help acne, some people even claiming it β€œcleared their skin in one night”. That was not the case for me. The mint green mask made my skin dry and while I figured that there could have been a bit more drying, in order to help with acne, this brought out the dryness side of my combination skin. I decided to give it the benefit of the doubt and try it a few times before judging it too harshly. However, after trying it out for a few weeks, I have come to realize that this just is not the mask for me and I would not recommend it to anyone whose skin gets dry. It did not do a very good job of helping my skin feel better or helping with my acne. I would like to say that lush has an amazing variety of other products, this one just did not work out for me. I could see it potentially working out for someone with maybe fully oily skin, just to try it, but not combination skin because it will dry you out. I personally use a few different masks which I would fully recommend and I will be doing another blog post about that soon!