Girls Trip for Girls Night! 

My best friend and I went out last night to the movies! We just decided very lastonite to go See Girls Trip, and I have never laughed that hard on the movie theater! It was funny, I think everyone should go check it out and it’s a great movie to go see with your besties 😁

Here are a few photos from the fun evening we had:

Soooo we got a new car! Haha we wish…We got to sit in this cool car from a neighbor of my grandma’s! They were really sweet and it was nice of them to let us do it.

Next, we picked put our movie- Girls Trip and headed to the theater! Here are our outfits:

I had on a cute all denim shirt-dress that I got a great deal on at a garage sale we went to earlier. I’d love to do a post on thrifting and good deals with clothing, because I’ve found some of my best pieces on my closet at thrift stores or garage sales! ❤ I paired it with my classic white converse and also brought along my little Prada backpack 💕

And my bestie, Chantel had on a cute graphic tee with a patterned skirt, tights, and black heels!