How to get rid of leftover lip stain!


So you’ve just come home from a night out, or maybe you’ve just been out all day testing out MAC’s brand new lipsticks at the mall, when you get home, look in the mirror and it looks like you’ve been eating berries all day! Instead of scrubbing off the excess lipstain and making your lips all chapped/dry afterwards, here us a quick way to get rid of that “I just made out with a clown” look!
You will need:
Β° A warm wash cloth
Β° Petroleum Jelly


Step 1
Put a light coat if the petroleum jelly onto your lips

Step 2
Get the wash cloth wet with warm – hot water and gently go over your lips. The lipstain or lipstick should come off quickly!

Step 3
Apply a touch more jelly after you’ve finished, or your favorite ChapStick for gorgeous, kissable lips! πŸ˜ŠπŸ’‹

Vintage Vibes #OOTD

Feeling those vintage vibes as I get my inner hippie going on in this adorable outfit of the day! (I added tights because I stepped outside and it was FREEZING! ❄)


Photo credit: my bestie Paxton!
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