Staying True To Resolutions! + SkinCare â¤

Hello everyone! One thing I wanted to talk about was staying true to New Years Resolutions. For me personally, I had to kind of tell myself- just do this one thing and stick to it! That one thing has been keeping up with my skin. By that, I mean I ha e washed my face every morning every night since January 3rd (I know I started a few days late). It has made me so happy! You’re skin goes in cycles every 28 days, so I expected my skin to be glowy and clear within a month, then I would keep on with my routine! That isn’t exactly how it all worked out…

I was making positive changes to help my skin, such as trying to only drink water or smoothies so that my skin is hydrated. Hydration is key! Did you know that your skin is the very last part of your body to be effected while drinking water? That means it’s important to keep up with drinking as much water as you can! I try to have a bottle in the morning, and I also love my to-go Starbucks tumbler! 

I also mixed up my skincare routine. I stay faithful to my favorite cleanser, and then tried out a new moisturizer specifically for my skin type that is helping to give me a natural glow that I really wanted 💕 What I learned from all of this, is to continue working on your goal even if you don’t get immediate results, because it could turn out really great in the end! I will post a skincare routine soon, as well as an exciting new project with some great photos taken by my friends 💕 😘 What were your resolutions? How are they working out? Comment and let me know! 


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