Quality over Quantity?

(DISCLAIMER! Somewhat of a RANT)

I am currently not in the position to spend $50-$100 on an eye shadow palette. If you are, great that’s amazing and you are very blessed, but it’s very frustrating as a person who was brought up learning that quality products or clothes or materials are nicer and really pay off. I do understand that there are brands that are less expensive that have nice products, but it is so hard to see everyone stocking up on their Too Faced Palettes or shopping at Urban Outfitters 24/7. I am not trashing these brands, I love them but I honestly it’s annoying to see that I would have to spend so much for something that might not even last me up to 3-5 years, due to size or an expiration date on makeup, or it going bad. I do try to keep in mind that it isn’t a crime to want nice things, but sometimes those things can’t always be your #1 priority in life and they have to be somewhat of a treat if possible. Money can be a tricky thing and I’m doing best to learn about, budget it, and work for it while still being able as a person who loves fashion, beauty, and presentation to have the things I love. I will be trying as I do, to post more often and find stores, brands, products, etc. that are more affordable and maybe do a master post for everyone to find nice things while on a budget/trying to save. 💕 No hate at all, just thoughts and trying to help others on the same position as me. 💕