A girly day!

I took this Sunday to go to my little downtown and go shopping! It’s very cute, and I’ve found a couple of nice items I am keeping my eye on 😁. Here they are!


This fabulous pink trench coat by ELLE
*(remember that baby pink is one of the latest trends for spring 2016!). I love it so much, the style and colors are all perfect together.


These beautiful blush pearls 😍 I have recently been living the color pink! I think these are just amazing and would look good in costume, or with a nice, classy outfit.


This black coat! Doesn’t it just scream- well, Scream Queens? It has a very Ariana Grande vibe to it which I absolutely adore as I love her style.


Finally, I found this adorable cook book, Butter Baked Goods by and I wish I had taken some more pictures of the inside, but I did not think to do so at the time. It has a lot of yummy little treats and appears just perfect for if you have some free time, or are if you are in need of a recipe for Easter! It can also easily be purchased on Amazon! (:


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