How to Look Cute at the Gym!


Recently I have seen a lot of posts and articles stating that you, “do not need to look good for the gym”, or “it’s a workout, not a fashion show!”. This fashion blogger disagrees! What could be more fun than getting an awesome, butt-toning or ab workout on while and looking super cute at the same time? You can look cute and comfy as you burn calories, by wearing sports bras, leggings which come in a variety of colors and patterns, different tanks, sweats, and cute workout shirts and shorts as well. Here are some of my workout clothes:

A basic example of what I like to wear as I sweat it out. I am someone who is very confident in my body, so I enjoy wearing sports bras as I workout!


And here is my still small, but growing collection of various sports bras! If it’s chilly out, or I’m going to the store after I throw on a tank top or sweatshirt and I’m good to go!


Tell me in the comments, what’s your favorite workout outfit? 😊


One thought on “How to Look Cute at the Gym!

  1. WhatPaige says:

    I agree, you don’t NEED to look cute while working out… but there is honestly something about having a good outfit that makes you feel more confident, and more comfortable being at a gym getting your sweat on… 🙂

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