Scream Queens is to die for! (Like, Literally)

Just two weeks ago, fresh from the creators of American Horror Story and Glee, fans were graced with a new show just in time for Halloween- Scream Queens! So, while you may be asking yourself “What fresh hell is this?” As asked by Chanel No. 1 played by the always talented Emm Roberts, Fashionistas everywhere have been asking where they can get their hands on some of the amazing wardrobe pieces. Somewhat of a spoof of the movies, Scream Queens and the movie, Scary Movie, the new show also has quite a lot of similarities to the previous Netflix hit Gossip Girl just based off of the outfits. Maybe a mix between Gossip Girl and the 90’s hit Clueless, SQ is definitely not lacking in the fashion department as seen in these shots below. Do we have ourselves a new Blair Waldorf? Let me know what you think in the comments. Oh, and  check out Chanel’s closet- Totes to die for! (Literally) 



2 thoughts on “Scream Queens is to die for! (Like, Literally)

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