Simple, but cute OOTD! ♥

Just purchased this new slip dress from Hoity Toity yesterday, and HAD to wear it as soon as I could! The slip dress itself is black, goes just above the knee, and it has a beautiful lace detail on the edge. I paired it with a cute necklace from WetSeal that I am in love with. It’s one of the coin necklaces that are pretty popular right now, due to the Boho style coming into trends this past year. For my shoes I decided on classic black wedges from TOMS, I put my hair in a straightened side ponytail and was ready to go! This outfit is simple, cute, and I got a slight Pheobe Buffay vibe from it- which only made me love it even more! Perfect for a night out, a date, or just a fun day with friends.

♥Dress: Hoity Toity Boutique
♥Necklace: Wet Seal
♥Shoes: Toms




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