Urban Decay’s Moon Dust Eye Shadow is out of this world!

Finally, I have bought the Urban Decay Moon Dust eyeshadows in the beautiful colors, “Space Cowboy”, “Ether”, & “Zodiac”. The back describes the eye colors as “You’ve never seen a sparkly shadow this sophisticated. Microfiber bits of iridescent sparkle collide with intense, dreamy hues and 3-D metallics-for an effect that’s out of this world.” The side is engraved with, “beauty with an edge”. I saw these about two weeks ago in Ulta and immediately knew I had to have them. Ether was the first to catch my eye, being a dazzling light purple that looked like a galaxy within itself, and after doing a bit of research on these sparkly treasures I knew I needed Zodiac- an amazing emerald color to go with my green eyes. While browsing Ulta, I also came across Space Cowboy, which is a mix of light bronze and a pretty silver color. Some great tutorial to check out for these are by ThatGirlShaexo http://m.youtube.com/user/ThatGirlShaeXo
Shown in the pictures, are swatches of Zodiac and Ether which look even more stunning on. I will definitely be keeping these quickly accessible in my makeup collection for sparkly days and partying nights!




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